What is the GST on marble and granite

The Goods and Service Tax is implemented on 1 July 2017 by Government of India. The government has kept Mable and Granite tiles, Slabs or any other cut to size material under 28% GST.

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Low Cost Granite

Low cost granite from India
If you are looking for low cost granite slabs with beauty, consistency and quality, We would recommend you following granite, which are low cost and can reduced cost of your projects :

Rosy Pink Granite :  A pink colored granite, rosy pink is the cheapest granite from India. you can get this […]

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How to check the quality of black galaxy granite

How to check the quality of black galaxy granite
Black Galaxy is a popular Indian Granite. This granite is beautiful and dark. It is a very dense granite with tiny pores and does not absorb anything. This is also very hard granite and it is quite possible the most bulletproof surface available in the market. There […]

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How to check quality of Absolute Black Granite

Absolute Black is an expensive granite from India, this granite demands some extra care while buying. I am writing this post because I have found from many of my customers that they had serious problem with this granite. I am thankful to all the clients for sharing their concerns. There are many concerns such as […]

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Green Marble

Green Marble
Green Marble is a serpentine stone marble from India. This marble is quarried near the beautiful city of Udaipur. The main place where quarries are located is named after a Jain deity Shree Rishabhdeo Ji, apart from this this marble is quarried at Dungarpur, Gogunda areas as well. There are hundreds of quarries of this marble […]

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How seller calculate the price of Granite

How to calculate granite price ?
Granite is an expensive dimensional stone. The price of granite can be as low as 15$ and as high as 200$. There are hundreds of granite available. It also follows the rule of demand and supply. The granite price depends on various factors, some of these are as following :

Availability : […]

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South Indian Granite and North Indian Granite

There are more than 120 colors of granite available in India. All these granite are quarried in different parts of India. W can divide the quarry locations of these granite in 2 category :-

North India Granite
South India Granite

North India Granite
North India granite are quarried in the desert state of Rajasthan , Madhya pradesh and Gujrat. These […]

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Tan Brown Granite Antique Kitchen Countertop

Style is one of the most critical idea when we make kitchen design including for antique  tan brown granite kitchen countertop . We get the antique  tan brown granite kitchen countertop  as the main topic right this moment is the reasoning. Arrangement and layout become most beneficial aspect before we start to remodel a kitchen. […]

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10 Recommended Granite

As our most users are in wholesale business, we would recommend you 10 Granites which can boost your business , here is the list :-

Absolute Black Granite :- A beautiful dark black granite is an ideal choice for different uses such as flooring cladding countertops, cabinet tops. Absolute Black is still the best choice for […]

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Black Galaxy Granite in Libya ?

Black Galaxy Granite Libya
After the revolution in Libya, the Construction sector has seen a great demand of Black Galaxy Granite in Libya. There are hundreds of projects going on there and there has been a huge demand in Libya. There are plenty of shopping centers and malls are being constructed and the buliders are using […]

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