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Granite Colors

Granite are Famous for combination of beauty and strength. With more than 120 colors of granite, India produces Hardest and strongest Granite. There are many states in India which produces Granite. There are two category mainly as South Indian Granite and North Indian Granite. As granite quarries are located in different parts of India, they enjoy the variety in color. Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and the new state of Telangana has majority of granite reserves in India. All Indian Granite Colors are ideal for flooring, wall cladding and counter tops.

Absolute Black
Absolute BlackGranite
Black Galaxy
Black GalaxyGranite
Bengal Black
Bengal BlackGranite
Black Pearl
Black PearlGranite
Impala Black
Impala BlackGranite
Ash Black
Ash BlackGranite
Rajasthan Black
Rajasthan BlackGranite
Black Forest
Black ForestGranite
River White
River White Granite
Platinum White
Platinum WhiteGranite
Imperial White
Imperial WhiteGranite
Viscount White
Viscount WhiteGranite
Steel Grey
Steel GreyGranite
Colonial Gold
Colonial GoldGranite
Tiger Skin
Tiger SkinGranite
Ghiblee Gold
Ghiblee GoldGranite
Hassan Green
Hassan GreenGranite
Green Pearl
Green PearlGranite
Tropical Green
Tropical GreenGranite
Kuppam Green
Kuppam GreenGranite
New Imperial Red
New Imperial RedGranite
Jhansi Red
Jhansi RedGranite
Red Multicolor
Red MulticolorGranite
Ruby Red
Ruby RedGranite
Ivory Brown
Ivory BrownGranite
Tan Brown
Tan BrownGranite
Sapphire Brown
Sapphire BrownGranite
Paradiso Classico
Paradiso ClassicoGranite
Lavender Blue
Lavender BlueGranite
Vizag Blue
Vizag BlueGranite
Blye Eyes
Blye EyesGranite
Himalayan Blue
Himalayan BlueGranite